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Our values guide us in our way of working with customers and consumers and with each other, and they keep us accountable to do our best. Our values help us to work according to our purpose; to make everyday life easier.

We’re continually striving to develop and improve our services, and our operations are closely guided by values that are important to us.


To be present means we are available and accessible. Whenever, wherever. It also means we listen and understand what’s going on right now – in society, in the lunch room and in the distribution chain. It’s about always being there.


We have been around for almost 400 years and will be around for many more to come. Throughout the years we have made it possible for people, society and companies to communicate and do business.
We take our mission seriously. You can trust that we keep our promises, regardless if it is about delivering on time or caring for each other.

We are committed to transforming our industry in a sustainable direction. We will always care about the employees who are shaping our company, and respect the environment and society around us.