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Customizing e-commerce websites for use via cell phones

Useful tips - Mobile adaptation

Adapting an e-commerce website in order to optimize access from smart phones and cell phones involves considerably more than just doing the same thing but on a smaller screen. Cell phones are used in a completely different way than computers, which also means that there are very different challenges that need to be overcome.


Ensure that information is provided rapidly, so that the user does not get stranded while searching for further product information or during the payment process. When using lower bandwidths via, for example, 3G networks, it is particularly important that mobile-optimized websites are fast.


Carefully select the items and information that are to be displayed. The smaller the screen, the more important it is that the information is straightforward and clear. Make use of test-driven development of the website in order to optimize it and achieve the alternative that gives the best result.


Avoid cumbersome requirements with regard to the entry of credit card details, which can also involve a security risk. Reduce barriers by using the purchaser's personal ID number to derive delivery and billing details or use a traditional invoicing approach instead.

The process

Have as few steps as possible with regard to processes such as transactions. Consider carefully what steps are really necessary and compress the process.

Product communication

Clarity is imperative, as is the creative harnessing of digital possibilities. Examples of these include the use of video and 3D, as well as links to social networks, such as niche digital platforms with a lot of relevant visitors.