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E-commerce before the purchase

The experience when shopping online is becoming increasingly important for your customers, and a crucial part of the purchase being completed may be whether or not the delivery options are simple and clear. Already prior to the purchase, the customer wants to know when, how and where the delivery will be made, who is responsible for it and, of course, what it will cost.

Give some thought to the functions you want to have in your e-commerce system and remember that they should reflect the level of ambition with your business. The e-commerce platform itself should support these functions, as well as important general functions such as mobile customization.

Flexible delivery for your customers

For new or incidental customers, the opportunity to choose the delivery method can make or break the decision to buy. Making choices should be easy and there should be multiple options. We help you make it easier for your customers by providing solutions that give more options when purchasing and arranging deliveries.

The Retail Week survey/E-barometer 2018* show that

  • 85% feel that it is important to be able to choose how their purchase will be delivered
  • 93% want information on how and when delivery will occur
  • 74% would shop more often if they had more control over the delivery
  • 87% are of the opinion that simple return procedures are an important aspect when making a purchase from an online shop

Be clear about the possibilities that exist relating to delivery. At the checkout, can you say when, where and how your customer will receive the delivery?

Select transport administration system (TA system)

Put simply, a transport administration system is a data system that is used to book transports with a carrier, print out shipping documents, and track shipments. There are a number of TA suppliers on the market, and PostNord has its own TA system, called Pacsoft Online.

More about TA system

Select shipping supplier

The needs relating to delivery methods vary depending on the business. Questions you can ask when deciding are if you ship frequently, if your goods are bulky or if your goods are very valuable. If you want to get started quickly and easily, and send just a few shipments each day, PostNord offers a variety of ways to ship them.

Six tips for better e-commerce

Creating a seamless purchase process that meets the customer’s every need – from purchase to delivery – is important for today’s e-commerce customers. We have developed six recommendations for improving your customers’ shopping experience.

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