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Our solutions/E-commerce

E-commerce during purchase

Delivery options can increase the conversion rate in your online store.

For most consumers, purchases are generally not so urgent that they consider it worth paying more for fast delivery. An extra day usually makes little or no difference. However, many consumers would prefer to specify during the purchase process a specific delivery time, place and method to fit their daily routines.

Consumers want deliveries to fit into their everyday lives. And their requirements change depending on what they buy, when they buy and what the product means to them. Being able to choose a suitable delivery location for each specific purchase is an important parameter. Closest does not always mean best. The freedom to choose between delivery to work, home or a partner outlet is more important.

Your customers can use our app

The PostNord app is a clear and easy-to-understand app that can be used to track shipments. The app also acts as a remote control for parcel deliveries: customers can manage additional services and returns.

Packing and sending items

More about tips related to pick and pack and what to take into consideration when sending goods to the final consumer. These aspects are important but are sometimes overlooked in the overall experience for online purchases.

Picking and packing

When an order has been received, the goods must be picked from the warehouse and packed in suitable packaging. TA suppliers are often the providers of notifications for end consumers. Ensure therefore the functionality through the entire order processing and that the TA solution is tailored to your particular business activities.

  • E-retailers spend a lot of time packing and sending goods, so it is important to have flexible solutions for the entire flow (from order and packing information to well-designed warehousing and efficient packing procedures). 
  • Put together a viable strategy for packaging, standard boxes, personal messages, etc. For example, the packaging itself is currently often unutilized as a communication channel.
  • Ensure that the inventory balance matches the customer information, and that there is a consistent strategy for handling cases in which information is incorrect, such as an item not being in stock. 
  • Make sales and volume forecasts and connect to stock/staff that can handle peaks and troughs.


As an e-retailer, it is not always easy to understand all the different services, shipping terms and processes that are associated with the distribution of goods. Ensure that the service you decide upon delivers the quality that your customers demand, and has the level of service that the customers prefer. Identify your needs for shipping solutions, depending on the type of product, where your customers are and what preferences they have.

  • A good shipping solution fulfills the needs of the recipient, regardless of whether this involves quick and easy collection of the goods from a partner outlet or having them delivered to work or home.
  • High delivery precision and quality are two important factors, for example for providing continuous information about where a parcel is located and when it will arrive. We have distribution solutions that suit your needs. Regardless of whether you want to send items within Finland or abroad.

Via PostNord your customers have their goods delivered home or can retrieve them from a nearby distribution point when it suits them. We also have straightforward solutions for possible returns.