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Climate-friendly transport and operation

PostNord's goal is to be a carbon-neutral leader in logistics. We are committed to combating climate change in all our activities.

We will achieve this goal by actively developing, rationalizing and streamlining our operations, both independently and together with the actors in the supply chain.

With the Green by PostNord project, we want to be a leader in responsible logistics and show that the transition to fossil-free transport is possible by 2030. Our climate transition project has been evaluated and approved by the Science Based Targets initiative, a joint project of the UN Global Compact, the CDP, the World Resources Institute and WWF. It identifies and promotes best practice in setting science-based goals and independently evaluates business goals.

Our main measures on climate friendliness and reducing emissions focus on transport and energy use.

40% emission reduction by 2025

The first milestone on the road to zero emissions is a 40% reduction in emissions from transport compared to 2020 levels. In addition, by then, in the area formed by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku, as well as intra-city traffic and traffic between them, should be fossil-free.

Emission-free last mile by 2027

We plan to run the last kilometer of shipments emission-free by 2027. The goal requires us to significantly increase the share of electric cars in our fleet. Emission-free guarantees that no climate emissions occur during transport. In practice, it means electric cars that run on renewable energy, such as hydro, solar or wind power.

Fossil-free logistics services by 2030

  • We are moving to the use of renewable fuels and electricity.
  • We reduce packaging sizes, recycle packaging materials and streamline supply chains.
  • We optimize transportation routes.