Climate-friendly transport and operation

We compensate for our emissions

Our goal is completely fossil-free transportation by 2030. We are already offsetting the CO2 emissions we are causing.

Completely fossil-free transport services mean that every package and pallet is delivered without producing any CO2 emissions. Whether it's your own equipment or a transport partner, the same principle applies to all PostNord transports. This goal is being pursued through consistent work and the gradual updating of equipment and propulsion using the technology currently available.

While working for completely fossil-free transportation, we provide our customers with transportation services in a carbon-neutral manner by offsetting the carbon footprint of transportation. Emission compensation means the financing of emission reductions or carbon sequestration outside one's own activities, in an amount equal to the emissions generated by one's own activities. Compensation projects, for example, increase renewable energy production in developing countries.

Compensation funds finance the production and use of renewable energy in China

Our compensation object is a wind farm in Gansu Province, China, in the Gobi Desert near the Mongolian border.

Why China? China's carbon footprint is the largest in the world. China produces a lot of goods for the world market and therefore also emits a lot. North China in particular uses a lot of coal power and emits even more CO2 than any other country.

The compensation project is certified according to the international Verfied Carbon Standard, which confirms that the units used for compensation are real, additional, measurable and externally verified.

The compensation object is selected for one year at a time.