PostNord’s Whistleblower System

Many companies have a reporting procedure – a whistleblower system – to ensure that serious crimes committed by a person in a senior position can be reported. PostNord also has a system of this kind.

The whistleblower system has been established to allow employees to report criminal actions that they suspect have been committed, sanctioned or deliberately overlooked, by individuals in senior positions or other key people.

"Individual in a senior position” refers to:

  • A member of PostNord’s Group Board
  • A member of PostNord’s Group Management
  • A member of group management in business areas Mail Sweden, Logistics, Strålfors and Mail Denmark
  • A managing director of a PostNord Group subsidiary

“Key person” refers to any employee who is in a position to independently take critical decisions for the Company.

The following are examples of actions that may be reported via the whistleblower system:

  • Financial crime, including bribery, corruption, fraud or forgery
  • Major shortcomings in security in the workplace
  • Major breaches of environmental regulations and major pollution of the environment
  • Serious forms of discrimination and harassment

The whistleblower system can be used by employees of PostNord’s Nordic companies; as well as customers, suppliers and other stakeholders with a connection to these companies. It complies with current legislation and regulations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. The procedure is accessed via the Internet portal.

In the case of other types of faults, complaints and criminal activity, you can always contact PostNord’s customer service.