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Delivery is an important element of a replacement part

"PostNord is one of our best delivery partners – possibly the very best. I would say that our delivery service in Sweden could not be surer".

"Having tested it over the years, we have found that PostNord is the best option", says the chief of logistics Tommi Ristimella from BRP Finland.

PostNord handles the parts deliveries of this snowmobile manufacturer from Rovaniemi in its largest market, Sweden. Calculated by line item, 33 percent of all BRP's parts shipments go to Sweden as parcel or pallet deliveries.

BRP views delivery as an important element in the provision of replacement parts.

BRP views delivery as an important element in the provision of replacement parts. The customer's experience of the service is crucially influenced by the delivery of the part on time and in mint condition. The customer receives the delivery within 48 hours of its leaving BRP, and the success of deliveries is checked weekly. According to Ristimella, the delivery reliability is first-class, there are practically no complaints of defects, and wastage is nonexistent.

– We are also very satisfied with our partner's ability and willingness to be flexible in situations requiring special solutions. PostNord has, among other things, arranged for a trailer to be brought to our yard so that we can save time at our end. And when we sometimes need another truck on short notice, that has always been taken care of, says Ristimella.
– We have also just started Express airmail deliveries to Sweden at the request of retailers in Southern Sweden. That service allows the customer to choose an extremely fast delivery option when necessary.

Parts are sent out from the factory every weekday the year round, with only a very few exceptions. Even though the snowy winter months from Christmas to Easter form the high season in parts delivery, delivery volume is evened out by the roadster bikes and four-wheel drive ATVs that are a part of BRP's selection. Due to these deliveries, parts delivery now extends throughout Sweden.

– The parts deliveries of our newer products reach even the southernmost Skåne region, but the snowmobile parts, too, are delivered to a large area, because in Sweden, the fells follow the Scandinavian Mountains and the Norwegian border and reach much further south than in Finland. We also deliver parts to the other Scandinavian countries and to Central Europe, Russia and Canada, but compared to the other countries, our deliveries to Sweden have been failure proof for years, notes Ristimella.

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