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Health care logistics services

We deliver all health care supplies safely and quickly to anywhere in Finland.
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Temperature controlled transportation

Safely across the transport chain

Environmentally friendly vehicles

Versatile additional services

Comprehensive network

We have a comprehensive distribution network between pharmacies, suppliers, hospitals and other health care providers throughout Finland. We provide scheduled and temperature-controlled shipments, laboratory sample shipments, and other services that require special transportation. We always design customized logistics solutions for each customer.

Temperature controlled transportation

Our transport equipment is equipped with temperature control devices which, despite the weather conditions, keep the cargo temperature from + 8 to + 25 ° C at any desired temperature throughout the journey from consignor to consignee. The temperature can be monitored both from the driver's hand device and remotely.

Guaranteed security

Our cars have a real-time vehicle tracking system that allows you to monitor your car's location at all times.

All shipments are subject to the health and safety guidelines for wholesale trade and to the GDP guidelines of the authorities.

All our drivers are trained according to the training required by the wholesalers and the information is updated regularly. We conduct regular internal audits of shipments and terminals.


Our warehouses strictly comply with hygiene regulations and customer storage instructions.

Additional services

Cross-Docking or shelving on customer premises.