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PostNord API integration

Connect your shipping bookings to any system

Connect your system to PostNord's transport system

With the help of API integration, you offer a smoother user experience to your customers and you can reduce costs at the same time. You can build a solution that fits your needs and combine PostNord's transport services with your own existing processes.

PostNord's API is a so-called Rest API or RESTful API.

With our API integration

  • You can automatically create transport orders with the Booking API when a customer buys a product from your order channel
  • You can print labels either with a ZPL label printer or in PDF format
  • You can order pickups
  • You can track shipments and send a tracking link with the Tracking API
  • You can find pick-up points and their information

API integration is worth using

  • When you want transport orders to be built into your ERP systems and processes.
  • You have special needs that our partners' ready-made integrations do not meet. We also have ready-made integrations that do not require coding. Read more about ready-made integration solutions.
  • Your company has developers who can build the integration. Our documentation and customer integration teams can guide your developers.
  • You are a PostNord contract customer.
    Booking API makes invoice-ready orders directly to your customer account when your company has an agreement with PostNord.

How do you get started?

We've put together a detailed API guide to help you or your developer familiarize yourself with the different features of our API. In it, we tell you everything about getting started with the integration. If you are interested in testing the PostNord API, you can use our Sandbox for development.

Get started by creating an account on our developer portal. When you log in to your account in the PostNord developer portal, you will receive an API key.

For developers

More detailed information for developers can be found here.

If you want to build an integration for companies other than your own, please contact us first and we can help with the integration partnership.

Do you need help?

We'll help you get started and you can request a condensed guide from our support.

Benefits of PostNord's API integration:


  • Flexible – you can decide yourself how your application interacts with PostNord's services

  • Simple – detailed documentation that makes it easy for developers to build API integrations

  • A stable REST API with short response times and used by several of the industry's biggest players

  • Inexpensive – most functionalities are free or inexpensive

  • You avoid costs arising from incorrect transport information

  • Technical support - we'll help you get started and along the way

  • Sandbox – a test environment for developing API integrations