Wine and spirits flow through the Nordics

With 30 million bottles of wine and spirits that need to be shipped annually from AMKA Gruppen's main warehouse in Jylland, Denmark, innovative thinking is crucial. Anders Ellitsgaard Larsen, who is logistics manager, is convinced of this. So he always strives to ensure the best possible customer experience by improving the logistics.

As the largest wine importer in the Nordic region, AMKA Gruppen requires logistics solutions that not only work but are also under constant improvement. The Group's main warehouse in Hørning, just south of Aarhus, has an area of 13,000 m2 and can accommodate 5–6 million bottles of wine. The logistics organization of AMKA Gruppen delivers wine and spirits to the Group's own companies and customers, but AMKA Gruppen also delivers, for example, wine to individuals on behalf of external partners from the entire wine industry. From its main warehouse south of Aarhus, PostNord ships large and small consignments to wholesalers, stores, restaurants and individuals throughout the Nordic region.

The quality of both goods and deliveries is given top priority at AMKA Gruppen.

"If you place an order with us, you expect to have your wine delivered in proper packaging and arrive in good condition. You don't just buy wine — you buy an experience" says Anders Ellitsgaard Larsen. This is why it's essential that customer expectations are fully met when their wine is delivered from AMKA Gruppen's main warehouse.

When the financial crisis hit around ten years ago, AMKA Gruppen, like most other businesses, was forced to think outside the box in order to get their finances rolling again.

"We sell products that give people pleasure. So we needed to find ways to make savings without compromising the quality of our goods in any way, shape or form. That's why we focused on logistics" says the logistics manager.

Previously, goods were delivered to, for example, private customers in the same way as the large wholesale drops—that is, by truck. Together with PostNord, AMKA Gruppen agreed to divide up the deliveries into two phases: one main phase that now covers all large truck-driven deliveries, while PostNord Express is responsible for all private deliveries.

"Having large trucks drive around residential areas was impractical for all concerned. Now, everyone does what they're best at" says Anders Ellitsgaard Larsen.

In this way, the solution became cheaper and more efficient. Ultimately, this results in better transport prices for customers.

In addition to AMKA Gruppen's extensive wine expertise, they also focus on quality spirits in various forms. The Beer Enthusiast subsidiary, originally founded in Norway by a group of people passionate about beer, now forms the basis of AMKA Gruppen's import/export business for specialty beers. The main focus is on having a strong Nordic profile, with the best beers from the entire region. These include Ø-bryg from Denmark, Austmann from Norway, Malmgård from Finland and Slottskällan from Sweden. So it's quite likely that if you buy specialty beer in the Nordic region, you'll be quenching your thirst with a product supplied by Beer Enthusiast.

As the logistics manager points out, "It's the overall experience that should make the customer want to buy from us again."

​AMKA in brief

​Founded by Anna-Marie Søndergaard and her husband Karsten in 1978.
​Biggest wine importer in the Nordic region.
​Main warehouse in Hørning, Denmark, with a stock of 5–6 million bottles.
​Supplies stores, restaurants and private customers.
Sells more than 30 million bottles of wine, beer and spirits annually, divided among 11 countries.
​Represented in 11 countries through subsidiaries.
AMKA Gruppen has a total of 130 employees divided among the 11 countries and consists of 18 individual companies.

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