Britax added transport to already existing warehousing partnership

PostNord takes care of the warehousing for Britax, an importer of car seats. After years of trouble-free warehousing co-operation, adding transport services was a natural choice.

Britax is the world's largest car seat manufacturer. Its extensive product range includes car seats, pushchairs, baby carriers and bicycle seats complete with accessories and spare parts. The number of products available is increased further by the widest choice of model and colour options on the market. Because of this, inventory management requires a professional approach.

Our customers want the right products at the right time. Any problems with delivery would cause great trouble.

At the PostNord warehouse in Vantaa, the arriving import shipments are received and shelved; the orders to be delivered to the dealer network are put together and the consignments prepared for delivery. An appointed team familiar with the customer's sales items and special inventory characteristics manages customer relations.
– From our partner, we require accuracy, speed and compliance with established schedule. Of course, we also expect that matters related to our business remain confidential. At PostNord, the skills and ability required for coping with extraordinary circumstances and thereby helping us to go the extra mile for meeting our customers' needs have always been there. All of these properties are very important for us and the entire solution works well, says Heidi Sundberg-Fox, Business Manager, Britax.

The transport operations were also entrusted to the same partner, even though there was no actual need for this:

– PostNord offered us a good solution. Since we have been satisfied with the warehousing services for a long time, we decided to try, and have not been disappointed. Since warehousing and goods delivery to dealers have been entrusted to a single partner, the partner knows and understands our needs. This way, I can be sure that everything works, says Sundberg-Fox.

In Finland, approximately one hundred retailers offer Britax products. PostNord handles the distribution.
– Our customers want the right products at the right time. Any problems with delivery would cause great trouble. PostNord has taken care of transport operations in an accurate and precise manner, as well as managed to meet the schedule.

Close communication and development constitute the core of the partnership:

– Regular monitoring meetings have turned out to be especially fruitful. Over the years, we have been engaged in constant development and made some changes that need not seem significant if considered individually. However, these changes have meant a lot for our customers, who naturally expect us to improve our operation practices.

Over the years of co-operation, the Britax business has grown:

– PostNord has managed to keep pace in warehousing and transport services alike, and the company has excelled in developing side by side with us, says Sundberg-Fox.


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