Flexibility most important to PH Distribution

Flexibility and rapid deliveries are the be all and end all for PH Distribution.

"Logistics are everything. If they don't work, our customers go elsewhere. The stores can't wait 2–3 days for their orders any more – nowadays, if you want to keep your customers, you're expected to deliver daily," says Arne Petersen, the logistics manager at PH Distribution in Denmark.

PH Distribution A/S sells everything from toys and DVDs to accessories and sunglasses, primarily to the Scandinavian retail trade. With around 300,000 deliveries each year, the company demands a great deal in terms of logistics and the service that good logistics entails.

"For our customers to be able to provide good service to their own customers, they in turn need good service from us," he explains. "And here, our suppliers are hugely important."

There were several good reasons why the company chose PostNord:

"They met our demands for flexibility and constant availability, enabling us to always deliver to our customers in time, despite short notice," says Arne Petersen.

The big challenge for PH Distribution A/S is that they never know in advance how the next day's delivery will look.

"In such case it's important for us to be able to contact PostNord during the day and quickly arrange for the necessary transport. We always need to be sure that we can offer daily deliveries to our customers," stresses Arne Petersen.

He believes that competition in e-commerce logistics will get even stiffer in the future due to customers setting the bar higher and higher.

"Speed, flexibility and reliability will become more crucial than ever."

​Facts about PH Distribution

​PH Distribution A/S sells everything from DVDs to sunglasses, primarily to Scandinavian retail trade customers.
​With around 300,000 deliveries each year, logistics play a key role.
​PH Distribution uses PostNord to make rapid deliveries to stores and retailers.

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