Fast delivery and high-quality distribution

The well-known Polar Electro heart rate monitors are dispatched to dealers in Finland from Vantaa, the PostNord warehouse.

The heart rate monitor manufacturer demands from its storage and transport partner consistently reliable deliveries all over Finland. The manufacture of Polar Electro heart rate monitors is concentrated in China, and the company's European logistics centre is located in Amsterdam. From there, the products are delivered to Finland, straight to the PostNord warehouse in Vantaa.

– Fast delivery anywhere in Finland and high-quality distribution were the factors that we considered decisive in choosing our logistics partner, says Heli Rajavaara, Transport Expert, at Polar Electro Oy head office in Kempele.

Heart rate monitors are valuable products worth keeping track of.

From the warehouse in Vantaa, almost one thousand consignments per month are dispatched to retailer companies all over Finland. The products are accompanied by marketing aids.

In addition to energetic pace and high-quality operation, Rajavaara praises the traceability of the consignments: heart rate monitors are valuable products worth keeping track of.

Before PostNord took charge of the warehousing, the processes were accurately defined. In Rajavaara's opinion, this was an important precondition to successful co-operation from the very beginning. Polar Electro strives towards long-term partnerships. The outsourcing of storage and packaging operations to PostNord is considered a successful solution and co-operation has been flourishing for several years:
– A precondition to such co-operation is that the operations are transparent – in other words, we never lose track of what is going on in the supply chain. PostNord provides transparent reporting and correct invoicing.

– Things are efficiently managed on the operational level, so we generally have no need for interfering in daily operations, Rajavaara describes. – We can rely on that deliveries are taken care of as promised.

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