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"An efficient partner handling distribution is a key factor for ensuring competitive power of a footwear manufacturer both in respect of domestic as well as international competition," says Katja Kemppainen, CFO of Sievin Jalkine.

Sievin Jalkine, a manufacturer of safety and occupational footwear, as well as leisure footwear for men and women, has become the leading operator in its field across Northern Europe. Currently the turnover of the Sievi Group has reached about 60 million euros. The core market area of the company is Northern Europe, covering – in addition to the Nordic and Baltic countries – Germany, United Kingdom and Russia. PostNord handles most of Sievi's parcel deliveries to Europe. The collaboration dates back a decade, to early 2000th.

Prompt and precise deliveries are the key factors in selecting a logistics partner.

PostNord matches the export markets of Sievin Jalkine. Moreover, it operates promptly and cost-effectively. Swift and precise deliveries as well as the wide-ranging distribution network are something that we expect of our delivery partner," says CFO Katja Kemppainen.

Every business day vehicles of PostNord pick up parcels from Sievi.

"Late pick-up from our factory allows us to handle orders received during the day, and send them to the customer on the same day as well," Kemppainen admits.

The staff at Sievi Jalkine is satisfied with the functioning and operating speed of the distribution network:

"The significance of an efficient distribution network is a key part of the competitive strength of a footwear manufacturer both in relation to domestic as well as international competition. Our strengths include a wide range of footwear as well as short delivery times – this is something that our competitors cannot affect. We can promise that products from our catalogue are delivered from Sievi to the customer within 24 hours from the order. While generally imported footwear needs to be ordered in advance and in large quantities, Sievi's customers can instead place their order today, and receive the product on the following work day," Kemppainen describes.

Sievi uses PostNord's DPD parcel services, running a network consisting of over 500 distribution terminals across Europe. They serve to distribute over 2 million parcels a day.
"Prompt and precise deliveries are the key factors in selecting a logistics partner. The company cannot let a shipping company to jeopardise Sievin Jalkine's service concept. Reliability and traceability of deliveries are important, as customers are always waiting for the footwear ordered, and thus it is important to know where each shipment is at every moment of time."

Sievin Jalkine

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