A Reliable Transport Solution Is Indispensable For an Immersion Suit Manufacturer

The authorities require reliability.

"Our prestigious customers require fast deliveries, sometimes even the next day. We have been able to achieve this and to keep the costs reasonable, too," says Mika Aitio from Ursuk. Ursuk's immersion and surface rescue suits are often needed in life or death situations.

"The primary task of Ursuk's suits is to keep the person dry and safe in even the most challenging circumstances," explains Mika Aitio, the export manager of Ursuk, the Nordic region's most popular diving and immersion suit brand.

Our customers often need new suits urgently and so the deliveries must therefore be fast.

The international clientele of this family company that originates from Turku, Finland, includes government-level rescue operation and safety sector institutions that expect deliveries to function smoothly.

Our competitors have good coverage in our export countries, and therefore we cannot give them any advantage over us regarding delivery times.

"Our customers often need new suits urgently and so the deliveries must therefore be fast. For example, we might be expected to provide additional products to Stockholm for the following day," Aitio explains.

It used to be impossible to accomplish this kind of delivery speed.

"A few years ago, we started wondering why it was impossible to ship products from Turku over the sea to Sweden for the next day. There were many daily ferries to Sweden even back then but our parcels seemed to wander around for up to three days, even though it should only take 10 to 12 hours." Ursuk organised a tender competition for its deliveries: the competition winner PostNord tailored delivery times according to Ursuk's business requirements.

The maximum parcel size for these deliveries, 31.5 kg, is appropriate and sufficient for this purpose. Ursuk is happy with the change of their logistics partner and the essential shortening of their delivery times. "We have tried many options in the past. PostNord is able to offer us a service that ensures our customers receive their immersion suits quickly, even the next day, and all at reasonable cost. We also appreciate the reliability of their delivery services. We can gladly recommend PostNord for road transport in Europe." Ursuk frequently ships products to destinations throughout the continent.

"We can deliver to Sweden as fast as the next day and to elsewhere in Europe within 2 to 5 days. For customers in Sweden, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland, we dare to even provide the delivery time on the day when necessary. In addition to pricing and speed, we also appreciate the reliability of PostNord as that is something we were lacking before. We don't need to track the delivery because it really works."


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