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Incorporate Value-added Services into Warehousing

We will customise necessary value-added services for your logistics service solution.

Our warehousing service boosts your company's logistics functions and delivery chain. As part of the warehousing process, we can also provide all necessary further processing, to avoid unnecessary transfer of goods from one place to another.

We can include in your warehousing contract the following additional services, for example:

  • presentation, e.g. sorting confectionery directly into their stands
  • lowering product pallets (goods arrive to the warehouse on pallets optimised for transport but we can lower the pallets according to the requirements of the big central firms)
  • mounting tyres on rims and adding studs;
  • adding labels
  • repackaging
  • re-installation
  • customer-defined quality assurance
  • pre-installation and store installations
  • localisation, e.g. adding Finnish instructions to products.

In addition to the above functions, together we can develop solutions for all the value added services that your company needs!

PostNord SCS Service description  Valid from 1st September 2019

PostNord SCS Special Terms and Conditions
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