Customer Service

NOTE! In order to secure our service also in coronavirus situation, our  customer service operates on a decentralized basis. For system technology reasons, you can now reach us best now through electronic channels such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

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Private customers

Telephone 020 690 399 
(standard call rates, no extra charge)
Open on weekdays 7-18

Twitter and Facebook (private message)
WhatsApp 040 483 9458
Open on weekdays 7-20

Business Customers

Telephone 010 572 8333
phone call and queuing prices to company numbers (from Finland):
From landline 8.35 cnt/call + 7.02 cnt/min
From mobile network 8.35 cnt/call + 17.17 cnt/min
Open on weekdays 7-18

Open on weekdays 7-20


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