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Customer Service

Customer service

price for call 0,98€ / min, time in queue: standard local or mobile rate.

We serve on weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Twitter and Facebook (private message)
WhatsApp 0401547506

We serve on social media channels on weekdays.

Contract customers

In this number, we serve customers who have a transport contract with us.

Telephone 010 572 8333
phone call and queuing prices to company numbers (from Finland):
From landline 8.35 cnt/call + 7.02 cnt/min
From mobile network 8.35 cnt/call + 17.17 cnt/min

Phone service is open on weekdays 7–18

As a user of our customer portal, you can also contact us via the portal's chat or contact form.


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