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Delivery Checkout

A widget to add to your online store to make it easy for customers to select the delivery method they want.

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Benefits with Delivery Checkout

  • Easy to integrate with the online shopping website.
  • Increases customer satisfaction.
  • Simplifies shopping.
  • Increases online shopping conversion.
Let your customers choose the delivery method for their packages

Shopping online should be easy and convenient from beginning to end – from clicking the order button to having the package delivered. When consumers are still able to choose the delivery method for their orders, the buying experience is much improved.

Too many consumers these days leave online purchases uncompleted, because they don’t know how they will be delivered to their destination. PostNord’s research indicates that one out of four consumers have at some point during the last year left a product non-purchased because the delivery method remained unclear to them. In addition, four out of five regard it as important to be able to choose the delivery method that best suits their own everyday schedule.

By means of the Delivery Checkout service, your online store avoids these problems. The service informs your online customers clearly about which delivery options they have to choose from. Customers only need to click whether they want to receive their packages at home, the workplace or via a service outlet, as well as report how quick they want the delivery to be. Not just simple, the service also clearly informs online shoppers how the delivery occurs and makes selecting the most suitable delivery alternative easy. This way it also increases the likelihood that purchases will be totally completed. Research also indicates that three out of four buy online more often when they have the possibility to manage their deliveries. All of this together creates a better buying experience, in addition to increasing conversion to online shopping.

Delivery Checkout in brief:

  • A function or module* making it possible to easily integrate with the online shopping website.
  • Always up to date with the newest delivery options.
  • Easy to introduce for use.

This way Delivery Checkout increases conversion to your online store as well as your customers’ satisfaction:

  • Presents the various alternatives clearly.
  • Facilitates and clarifies customers’ selections so that they can find the most suitable delivery option.
  • The possibility to manage deliveries increases customer satisfaction.

* The module is available for open source code platforms: Magento, WooCommerce, Presta Shop and OpenCart.


Please contact vConnect to learn more about agreements, prices and how to integrate Delivery Checkout.

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