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Data File Description

1. Registrar

PostNord Oy, PL 179, 01530 Vantaa

2. Person responsible for the registry

Joa Saarinen
Phone number: + 358 10 572 8080
Postal address: PostNord Oy, PL 179, 01530 Vantaa

3. Name of the registry

PostNord Oy, Consumer-customer registry

4. The intended use of the registry

The collected information is used by PostNord and any companies belonging to the same group for the maintenance and development of customer relationships and contacts, as well as the design and development of business operations and services.

5. Information in the registry

The registry is a collection of basic information: name, phone number, e-mail address and postal address, and feedback contents. This information is collected through PostNord Logistic's website by an electronic feedback form. In addition, any calls made between the client and PostNord may be stored in the registry for the precise documentation of customer feedback, later clarification of the feedback as well as for cases of possible disputes.

6. Information disclosure

This information is not shared with third parties, nor outside the EU or the European Economic Area.

7. Registry protection principles

The information contained in the registry is electronically stored in systems with limited user rights. Any printed materials are kept only during the handling process, after which the printouts will be destroyed.

8. Checking personal registry information / the right to amend information

Anyone included in the registry has the right to check their personal information stored in the registry, and to receive copies of it. The request for checking must be submitted in writing to the person responsible for issues related to the registry. Anyone included in the registry has the right to request that their personal information is amended, removed or supplemented. The request must be submitted in writing to the registrar. If necessary, the registrar can amend information on their own initiative.