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Planned at Length, Accomplished at Once


Automotive sector importer Bassadone handed its spare parts warehouse over to PostNord. Logistics outsourcing requires teamwork and careful planning.

Handing warehousing andtransportover to a partner requires careful planning, trust and a new way of perceiving the delivery chain. With logistics outsourcing, you can gain savings and flexibility or adapt to business progress and development.

Transferring the warehouse to a new address to be managed by a new partner is not a simple operation. Before even attempting to plan moving the physical warehouse, you have to start the biggest job of matching the systems together. You also have to consider exactly what kind of space will be needed for the product to be stored.

Bassadone, an importer of cars and their spare parts and accessories, has been PostNord’s transport customer for years, but it was only last spring that the spare parts warehouse was handed over to PostNord. Reijo Kortesalmi, spare parts manager at Bassadone, says the company was aiming for a full logistics package.

“Of course, financial interests are the important criterion, which is how we achieve benefits in terms of both transport and warehousing,” he explains.

The Bassadone warehouse, containing small washers and large components alike, was finally handed over to PostNord during the course of a single weekend. Since company customers along with their customers require certainty and speed for their orders, you cannot have long breaks in the ordering system. Bassadone’s retail dealers were able to place orders already on Sunday evening.

“Delivery reliability is important to us,” Mr. Kortesalmi continues. “When retail dealers place orders, they have to be sure they’re going to get the products on the following morning.”

Logistics outsourcing requires a great deal of cooperation and communication between the various players. The people at Bassadone were satisfied with the process of handing the warehouse over to PostNord. Mr. Kortesalmi says that trust plays a major role in logistics outsourcing. You have to be able to count on relocation going like clockwork and orders going on without any trouble.

“We were bold enough to take the chance that this partner does have the needed professional skill,” he concludes.