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Boosting Sales and Images with Direct Marketing


Direct marketing works as long as you keep the objectives clearly in mind. Through carefully considered target groups, Vannetukku is aiming to reach new customers abroad.

"There's a demand for and interest in direct marketing, but doing it also requires competence and know-how", says PostNord sales executive Mari Matikka.

According to Ms. Matikka, consumers like direct marketing especially in the Nordic countries. A trendsetter for Nordic direct marketing is Sweden; its current e-commerce giants, H&M and Ellos, launched their success stories with mail order sales boosted by direct marketing.

Ms. Matikka reveals that especially in Sweden, people find direct marketing delightful. A total of 82 percent of Swedish consumers, who have received direct marketing and have bought some product they saw in an advertisement, made the purchase from a shop, while 54 percent of them purchased online.

PostNord is helping customers do direct marketing in the Nordic and Baltic countries. However, as Ms. Matikka points out, direct marketing is hardly worth doing for its own sake; it must be backed with clear objectives and target groups. You can seek target groups from various registers, combining these groups with your own lists.

"For example, with Vannetukku we selected certain criteria as the basis for finding precisely the company's own buying potential," says Ms. Matikka.

According to Vannetukku CEO Jukka Heiskanen, this Finnish company has had good experiences with doing direct marketing. Selling tires, rims and different car parts, the online shop has actively expanded its operations especially to Sweden and the Baltic countries. It is aiming to reach new customers next in Norway.

On a competitive market, it is worth targeting precisely the right audience with marketing. Consumers expect to get messages that precisely interest them.

"Among end users in Sweden, we're aiming to reach especially wholesale customers, but special groups as well," says Mr. Heiskanen. "Microcar owners and owners of old American automobiles are examples of special groups."

Together with PostNord, Vannetukku has been doing conventional direct marketing in print and has seen speedy company growth in Sweden.

"With direct marketing you can influence both sales and images. That's why it's worth appealing to all of the senses, sparking some genuine interest," Ms. Matikka says.

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