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Fysioline: Export shipments to Sweden are there by the next day

Rehabilitation and exercise equipment

Arttu Kalli, CEO, Fysioline Oy, states that the key factor of co-operation is the capability of PostNord to deliver consignments and pallets to any location in Sweden and the Baltic countries by the next day or the day after that.

Established in 1991, Fysioline markets rehabilitation and exercise equipment and products for treatment and rehabilitation facilities, fitness clubs, and hospitals, for example. Those visiting fitness or workout centres should have difficult time avoiding brands represented by Fysioline.

PostNord daily dispatches dozens of consignments of vastly different size from the Tampere and Vantaa warehouses.

These may contain everything from electrical therapy equipment electrodes, fitness products and Ice Power cold therapy products to fitness equipment and therapy tables weighing several hundred kilograms.

Fysioline has a sales company in Sweden and the partnership was initially based on export to Sweden. After that, the co-operation has expanded to involve Finland, the Baltic countries and the rest of Europe as well. In Finland, PostNord delivers Fysioline products to thousands of customers all over the country.

- We are very pleased with the competition that PostNord has brought about – now there is a reasonable alternative for deliveries all over Finland. Since the company has coped with our consignments to Sweden quite fine, expanding the co-operation seemed perfectly reasonable. PostNord offers excellent schedules for Sweden and the Baltic countries.

When choosing partners, the customer's viewpoint should be paramount:

- Naturally, we expect punctuality, good customer service and flexibility to meet our needs. However, the service offered to end customers is our first concern. The goods must arrive quickly, but they must also remain intact, which means that they need to be treated with care. And if there are no problems with logistics and the costs are kept under control, we have no choice but to be satisfied, concludes Kalli.