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Heat pumps from Utsjoki to Hanko

White heat pump from IVT

The heat pumps marketed by IVT, a company belonging to the Bosch concern, are being transported and stored by PostNord. Electronic monitoring of serial numbers has improved the quality of Robert Bosch/IVT storage services.

Robert Bosch/IVT operates as an exporter in Finland and sells goods via retailers and wholesalers. The company's product range is the widest and most environment-friendly on the market.

- Robert Bosch/IVT is the only company in Finland offering its customers heat pumps bearing the Nordic ("Swan") Ecolabel, says Inna Kirves, Logistics Manager, IVT.

The co-operation between Robert Bosch/IVT and PostNord commenced in 2010, when Robert Bosch/IVT decided to replace its former warehouse. Negotiations suggested that PostNord is the most suitable partner for warehousing in Vantaa, as well as for handling the transport operations.

The extensive distribution network of PostNord ensures that our customers located in Northern Finland can also enjoy excellent service.

- We were looking for a co-operation partner with a large transport network and sufficient equipment to meet our needs. We wanted a customer-centred and flexible co-operation partner with excellent problem-solving skills.

Robert Bosch/IVT consignments are being delivered all over Finland; as much as 90 per cent of the consignments are dispatched directly to the end customer. However, the transport volumes vary substantially during the year. The first two months of a year are quieter, followed by explosive growth.

- Nowadays even April is a busy month and the pace only accelerates towards the end of the year.
Deliveries by Robert Bosch/IVT are tied to tight schedules.
- Compliance with schedules is of special importance for us. The extensive distribution network of PostNord ensures that our customers located in Northern Finland can also enjoy excellent service.

IVT heat pumps cannot be regarded as transport-friendly. The pumps are large; a single pump weighs well over 200 kilograms. The pumps may not tip over during the transport; they must remain in an upright position at all times.
- Heat pump transportation requires heavy-duty transport equipment and skilful handling, Kirves points out.
A great leap in the co-operation took place in 2012, when the manual serial number monitoring was replaced by electronic monitoring. There is a serial number behind each IVT heat pump used for keeping track of the pump's whereabouts all the way to the end user.

- For us, this has been a major change. Errors have been abolished almost completely from the serial number monitoring. Inna Kirves values the co-operation with PostNord ever since 2010.

- PostNord have shown that they pay serious attention to our wishes. Improvements are being made and transport and storage services are constantly being developed, says Kirves.

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