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PoatNord case Greenman, people busy working with boxes and computers.

A printer can be compared to a child. When it cries out for toner, you can’t just tell it to be quiet and wait until the day after tomorrow. So says Jörgen Wonisch, CEO, Greenman. The company sells eco-toners in recyclable cartridges. Deliveries and returns management system are both based on DPD Business Parcels.

Greenman markets “eco-toners” to office product resellers in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltics. The company’s product range includes toners for all major brands and models of printers and copiers.

Providing a returns management system for empty cartridges is a very important part of the business. In the system, customers are supplied with a returns box holding 25 cartridges. Once it is full, the customer calls the PostNord number that is printed on the box and requests a collection. Alternatively, if the customer has its post collected by Posten, it simply puts out the box and it is picked up along with all the other parcels. The boxes are then transported to PostNord’s Third-Party Logistics (TPL) warehouse in Helsingborg, where they are repacked onto pallets.

“The cost to the customer is zero. We pay for both boxes and shipping”, says Jörgen Wonisch.
When the products received fill 33 pallets they are collected by one of Greenman’s suppliers in Europe. To Greenman, it is important for the vehicles to travel fully loaded, and 33 pallets are the exact number needed to fill an 18-meter trailer.
Sending one half-full does not make sense, either environmentally or financially,” says Jörgen Wonisch.

At the suppliers, all the cartridges are sorted and cleaned, certain small components are replaced and the cartridges are refilled with new toner. Every cartridge is quality tested and may then be sold again.

The company’s large and medium-sized business customers order approximately once a week for delivery to their shops and warehouses. However, Greenman sends as much as 67 percent direct to the resellers’ end-customers.

“Many of our resellers don’t even see the product, and that’s how it should be. They’re good at selling and we handle the logistics.”

But not even the major resellers can or want to warehouse the multitude of toners that are included in the range. This means that at times very fast deliveries of odd products are called for.

“You can compare a printer with a hungry child. When it cries out for toner, you can’t tell it to be quiet and wait until the day after tomorrow.” After all, the company’s productivity would suffer. But we don’t need to order special express deliveries; PostNord's DPD Business Parcels service can handle any situation. We can use it to send a parcel in the afternoon and get it delivered all the way up in Umeå by the very next day,” says Jörgen Wonisch.
Buying environment-efficiently or ecologically can be expensive, but the fact is that eco-toners are cheaper than the original. And yet not many people know that they exist. And printer manufacturers actively strive to ensure that customers buy their original toners.
“We don’t have as much money as the big printer manufacturers to spend on marketing and persuade people that this is a brilliant product. But our toner cartridges are good for both the environment and the wallet,” says Jörgen Wonisch.

About Greenman

  • Location: Norrköping
  • Turnover 2012: SEK 46.5 million
  • Owner: Jörgen Wonisch
  • Employees: 18
  • Markets Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Baltics. About to start selling in Norway too.
  • Uses the following PostNord services: PostNord Pallet, DPD Business Parcels 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., DPD Business Parcels with Telephone notification, PostNord MyPack Collect and PostNord Return Drop off customer return service.

Greenman also has a support warehouse at PostNord TPL in Helsingborg which handles registration and storage of empty cartridges. At the warehouse, the boxes are packed onto pallets, which are then collected by Greenman’s suppliers from various places in Europe.

About Greenman’s logistics flow:

  • Greenman’s warehouse is located in Norrköping and is serviced by PostNord TPL.
  • From here, products are sent to resellers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics using PostNord Sweden’s DPD Business Parcels 12:00 p.m., PostNord Pallet and DPD International services.
  • Around 67 percent of products are sent direct to end-customers. That way, there is no need for interim storage in resellers’ warehouses. The DPD Företagspaket 4:00 p.m., PostNord Pallet and PostNord MyPack Collect services are used.
  • The customer packs the used toner cartridge in the returns box. When it is full, it is collected by PostNord via the DPD Business Parcels 4:00 p.m. service.
  • Some customers send whole pallets of empty toner cartridges direct to Helsingborg using PostNord Pallet service.