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PostNord Return Drop Off

Our service makes it safe and easy for your customers to return products they have ordered. Do you want to know more?
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Safe and easy returns for you and your customers

Do you offer your customers the option of returning products easily and safely? The PostNord Return Drop Off service makes it easy to return parcels. It also allows both you and your customer to track the returned parcels throughout their journey.



All you have to do is provide your customer with a package card and instructions for making a refund.


You and your customer can track the returned parcels on our customer portal and on our website.


A safe and easy way of carrying out customer returns.


Your customers can track their returns with our mobile app.

Dimensions and weight

Minimum dimensions Length 14 cm, width 9 cm and height 1,5 cm
Maximum length within Nordic countries 150 cm Maximum length + circumference = 300 cm
Maximum length within other  European countries 100 cm Maximum length + circumference = 250 cm
Maximum weigth Within Finland 30 kg, to other countries 20 kg

The PostNord Return Drop Off service is easy to use. All you need to do is deliver a parcel card to your customer, along with instructions for returning the parcel. The customer then takes the shipment to the nearest service point, and the parcel will be delivered quickly.

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