PostNord – a responsible choice

A part of our vision is to be a responsible choice for our customers. It is our responsibility to create real change. We pay attention to our carbon dioxide emissions and the consumption of energy and fuel.


Our business requires various types of transportation and most of our deliveries are road freight transports. Our primary long-term environmental objective is to reduce the use of carbon dioxides by 40% by the year 2020.
We also pay attention to our fuel consumption. If we use less fuel, we reduce our costs and enhance our competitiveness – while reducing our environmental impact.

We are also taking measures to consume less energy at our facilities and properties.

Measures to be taken

  • Increase the number of electrical vehicles
  • Use rail transport
  • Increase the use of green electricity
  • Improve energy efficiency in transports and premises
  • Use new types of fuels and vehicles
  • Support new environmental technologies for more efficient logistics
  • Increase collaborations promoting sustainable development


EcoVadis has awarded PostNord a gold standard in responsibility.

PostNord’s environmental management system have been certified by Inspecta Sertifionti Oy and it meets the requirements of ISO 14001.