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Shipments from outside the EU

Shipments coming to Finland from outside the EU must be cleared through customs before they can be used or resold. The most common import customs procedure is release for free circulation and consumption. Under this procedure, a customs declaration must be lodged. For parcels, the customs clearance takes place when the shipment arrives in the EU and it usually does not require action from the receiver.

Taxes and duties on goods cleared through customs are determined by the customs heading, origin and customs value of the goods. The most common import taxes are customs duties and VAT. When goods are imported from outside the EU, they are subject to the so-called third country customs. This tariff duty is levied on goods coming from third countries, unless preferential tariffs, tariff quotas or tariff suspensions reduce or eliminate the duty.

You can find more information about customs clearance on the Finnish Customs website and from our customs department at


Shipments from the UK

From the beginning of 2021, shipments from the UK must also be cleared through customs. The recipient is responsible for customs duties and import taxes. In this case, DPD, our partner in the Netherlands, sends an email and/or text message to the recipient, through which the recipient must pay customs duties and import taxes. If they are not paid, the shipment will be returned to the sender.