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How to return a parcel?

Different online stores may have different return policies. Usually the parcel comes with written instructions and a return address label. If you cannot find instructions, please contact the sender to find out the return instructions.

The return must always be notified to the online store in accordance with the instructions given by the store. Failure to collect or return the parcel without notice will not be sufficient to cancel the transaction.

If the parcel includes a return address label, attach it to the parcel. Make sure the barcode is easy to read on a flat surface. You can return the shipment to any PostNord pick-up point.

If you did not receive a return address lable with the parcel you received, always contact the sender of the parcel for return instructions.

How do I return a parcel to a parcel locker?

The return shipment must always have a return address label, without it the parcel cannot be returned with the parcel locker. If the original shipment did not include a return label, contact the company that shipped the item.

• On the display of the parcel locker, first select “Send”
• Follow the onscreen instructions to scan or enter the barcode on the return address label. Finally, select "OK".
• Select the appropriate size locker for the package. The display shows how many lockers of different sizes are available.
• No receipt will be printed for the return. Scanning the shipment during return serves as an acknowledgment.
• If the parcel does not fit in the locker, the parcel can be returned to another PostNord pick-up point.


You cannot send a return parcel via PostNord Lähiboksi. You can return parcels that have arrived at Lähiboksi through any service point.

In the PostNord app, you can track the progress of the return.