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PostNord Parcel

Send parcels from businesses to businesses in Finland, the Nordic Countries and elsewhere in Europe.
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We deliver business parcels all over the Nordic Countries – on every regular weekday.

Do you want to send parcels to other businesses in Finland, the Nordic Countries or elsewhere in Europe? If so, our PostNord Parcel service is perfect for you. Thanks to PostNord Parcel service, sending parcels from door to door is both easy and safe.



We pick up the parcel from you and deliver it straight to the recipient.


Every shipment is trackable the whole way.


We deliver parcels to your recipients in Finland, the Nordic Countries and elsewhere in Europe.

Dimensions and weight

Maximum weight for parcels within Finland and the Nordic Countries 35 kg
Maximum weight for parcels outside the Nordic Countries 31.5 kg
Minimum weight 150 g/piece
Maximum dimensions Length 1.75 m; length + circumference 3 m
Minimum dimensions Length 14 cm, width 9 cm and height 1.5 cm


Additional services

Before 12 Parcel is delivered to recipient before 12 PM on holiday-free Monday to Friday. The goods shall be labelled with a Before 12-label.
This additional service can be added to a limited number of destinations. Applies within Finland.
Driver Notification Recipient receives a phone call from driver before delivery. Applies within the Nordic region. 
Delivery without POD The parcel is delivered without the recipient personally accepting and confirming receipt of the shipment. Applies within the Nordic region.
Signature assurance Signature assurance means the recipient cannot choose delivery without POD as a delivery option. Applies in Denmark.
Collection Request For example, you can order a package pickup from the Nordic countries or Europe and deliver it to yourself or a third party. Read more.
SMS and e-mail notifications (in the Nordic countries) The advance notice shall include information on the estimated date of delivery.
Delivery notification will be sent by text message or e-mail on the day of delivery before delivery.
Delivery confirmation will be sent when the shipment has been delivered.
Restricted quantities of dangerous substances (LQ) Potential target countries


Book a shipment

With the PostNord customer portal, you can make shipments, print labels, get information about all your shipments, connect with customer service, and much more.

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