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API and Widget

We provide several electronic services that are available as APIs and/or widgets.

In order to use our APIs and widgets, your company is required to register as an API consumer. Having registered an API account, you will be provided with an ID, which you will need to access the widgets/APIs.

The purpose of the registration is to ensure that we know which companies have implemented the services so that we can inform them about upcoming changes and other important information. The same ID can be used with all widgets and APIs.

Registration is free of charge and you can cancel your registration at any time.

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A widget is a ready-to-use web function that your company can paste into a web page at your company's website. You can either use the default colours and fonts or adjust the widget to the style of your website.

In order to implement a widget a certain amount of knowledge of html is needed (the level of required skill varies depending on your company's web platform) as well as access to your company's web servers.

Available Widgets:

Track & Trace

This widget enables your company to integrate our track & trace service with your external or internal websites.

It also supports direct search. For example, you can send an e-mail to your customers containing a clickable shipment ID. However, if you use this feature, it must be linked to the web page where your company has implemented the widget.

Technical Documentation


API enables your company to integrate functions found in our systems with your company's systems. It only delivers information. All use of the information and graphical presentation is managed by your company.
In order to integrate via the API, system development skills will be needed.

Available APIs:

Track & Trace

This service allows you to track shipments on your internal or external websites. For example, it can be used if you wish to add our shipping events to your list of order events or as part of your mobile solutions.

Read more about Track and Trace

Service Points

This service translates individual postcodes into the names and addresses of the service points that serve them. For example, it can be implemented internally to allow your customer services easy access to information specifying which service point an order will be delivered to. Another practical usage is for printing shipping labels and creating electronic shipping instructions for MyPack shipments to Norway and Finland, as it is mandatory to address shipments to service points in these countries.

Read more about Service Points

Delivery Times

This service enables you to access information about the calculated delivery time between two addresses for a transport service or the availability of the transport service for a particular route. It also provides information about the day on which the shipment will be delivered to the recipient, provided that the transport booking is made on time.

The service can be used in a webstore to calculate the delivery date for an order.

Technical Documentation