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Tools and instructions for sending

Here you will find the tools, links and instructions you need for sending, such as electronic tools, contract terms and fuel and sulfur surcharges. In addition, there are helpful tips on customs and shipping of dangerous goods.


Terms of contract and fuel and sulphur surcharge

Terms of contract

Here you will find the general terms and conditions, terms of contract for all services, delivery zones and extra fees price lists.

Fuel and sulphur surcharge

Here you will find the table of fuel and sulphur surcharge. The fuel surcharge cost is updated monthly. Sulphur surcharge is valid until further notice.


Online tools for sending

Customer Portal

With the PostNord customer portal, you can make shipments, print labels, get information about all your shipments, connect with customer service, and much more.


Track your PostNord shipment using a tracking code.

Calculate delivery time

Find out delivery time information for our parcel and pallet services to various destinations.


Instructions and tips for sending

Dangerous goods

What you may and may not send via PostNord.

Customs information

Important information for sending parcels or pallets outside EU.